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Industrial and Commercial Recycling/Donation Program Introduced by RAY-LITE Industries, Inc.

Company Contact: Christopher Tammen, president (714) 256-2212

Brea, CA...RAY-LITE Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce their new recycling/donation program, offering industrial and commercial companies the proper disposal of fluorescent tubes, compact light bulbs, HID and mercury lamps and ballasts while benefiting the Orange County chapter of the breast cancer research organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and also the Alzheimer's Association.

California and Federal environmental laws prohibit disposing of hazardous waste with the trash that ends ups in landfills. "We have learned from many of our customers that they did not know how to properly dispose of their burnt lamps and ballasts, and instead, stored them in their warehouses," said RAY-LITE president, Christopher Tammen. Besides taking up valuable space, storing old lamps and ballasts doesn't solve the problem of proper disposal.

Through an agreement with a government approved recycler, RAY-LITE is providing companies recycling containers that offer more than the ability to meet Environmental Protection Agency mandates. For every recycling container purchased, RAY-LITE will donate a portion of the container's cost to the Orange County chapters of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the Alzheimer's Association, and the customer may choose which of the two charities will receive the donation.

"We chose these two charities for our donations," said Lona Anderson, RAY-LITE's Board of Directors Secretary, "because they both benefit the families and victims of diseases that have touched so many lives, including ours."

The containers are made of recyclable materials and include pre-paid shipping. After the filled containers are received at the recycling warehouse, the customer simply goes to the company's website to procure a certificate, required by law, proving that their lighting discards were properly disposed.

The process is user friendly, aids companies in meeting EPA compliance, helps protect the environment, and saves warehouse space formerly taken up by the discarded materials. RAY-LITE's commitment to both the environment and two worthy charitable organizations makes this a win-win situation for all involved.

Among the companies now participating in the RAY-LITE recycling program are Simon Properties Brea Mall, Nordstrom Brea, Pacific Plastics and many other Southern California companies.

"Environmentally-friendly efforts are certainly a priority here at Brea Mall, and we are happy to participate in the RAY-LITE program as a way to help bolster responsible energy use and recycling practices," said Anna Cotter, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Brea Mall. "Not only will the program create a more sustainable business model for us, but it also provides a way for us to give back to the community we serve."

Nordstrom Brea's maintenance manager Carlos Cruz added, "Nordstrom practices environmentally-friendly energy use and the proper disposal of lighting products. RAY-LITE is easy to work in both the purchase and disposal of these products, and this tie-in with the two charities shows they care about more than just business."

RAY-LITE Energy Management Company is pleased to do an analysis of your company's energy use, recommend lighting upgrade solutions and recycling requirements and introduce you to their extensive lines of cost and energy-saving lighting and electrical products.

For more information, please visit their website: or contact Christopher Tammen at or (714) 256-2212.

For Immediate Release

Company Contact: Christopher Tammen, president (714) 256-2212

Brea, California...Ray-Lite Industries, Inc., a lighting company formerly known as Ray-Lite Glass, Inc, is pleased to announce the recent name change of their company.

Since 1939, Ray-Lite Glass has been the undisputed leader in innovative street lighting, featuring distinctive, hand-blown decorative glass globes, for the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and many other municipalities nationwide. Family-owned, the company is now headed by Lona Anderson and her son, Christopher Tammen, the third generation of family owners.

"We changed the name and logo to better reflect the growing range of services we offer as a wholesale distributor, including high-tech lighting alternatives, energy-saving new and retrofit lighting needs," said Tammen. He added that Ray-Lite Industries provides cities, school districts, universities, industrial centers and commercial complexes with the most efficient and attractive lighting products. Highest quality, expert consulting, excellent customer service and competitive prices continue to be the company's mainstay, along with promoting cost-effective energy management techniques to help reduce overhead for large and small companies.

Ray-Lite Industries, and its sister company, Ray-Lite Energy Management, offers designed lighting upgrade solutions in sync with the customer's investment objectives.

For more information, please visit their website: or contact Christopher Tammen at or (714) 256-2212.

LED Decorative Candle Lamps, Under One Watt
Southern California

USHIO has introduced a one watt LED (0.6 Watts) "look-a-like" to the traditional incandescent decorative candle lamp. In addition to the dramatic energy savings, the life rating is 40,000 hours. The most impressive feature, however, is that the LED technology literally replicates the appearance of an incandescent filament. Therefore, the ambiance of the existing area remains unchanged. RAY-LITE is a distributor of USHIO and over two hundred other lighting related manufacturers and will be happy to assist you with your every-day lighting needs.

Historic Street Lighting Molds
Southern California

The RAY-LITE Industries original street lighting molds that have created the classic nostalgic ambiance across the United States are being offered for sale. Most notably, the glass globe designs are used in Washington D.C., New Orleans, Los Angeles, Whittier CA., Orange CA., and many other downtown communities throughout the country.

The molds were commissioned in the 1930s and are credited by architects, municipalities, universities, and street lighting manufacturers as being the dominant designs which have created the decorative streetscapes in major and small cities alike.

There are a variety of (15) fifteen iron cast molds accompanied with fitters that will produce over (25) twenty- five different original classic designs. The complete set of molds are offered at $289,000.00 and interested parties may contact Alan Lippincott, Managing Broker at Best So Cal Business at (877) 420-6478.

Whittier City Hall Tower
Southern California

The historic, 60-foot Whittier City Hall tower is now illuminated with energy-saving, cost-saving LED light system, designed and installed by RAY-LITE Energy Management Group Inc. of Brea, California.

RAY-LITE president, Christopher Tammen, worked closely with Bryan Petroff, the City of Whittier's Facilities Manager, to find an energy and cost-effective way to illuminate the tower has it never had been before.

"Bryan Petroff, challenged our team at RAY-LITE with three objectives," said Tammen, "First, to restore the architectural lighting design to its original form. Second, to adopt a "green" and energy efficient technology that would also reduce maintenance costs. Finally, to create an eye-catching architectural display that can be programmed to define the Whittier seasonal moods."

"The old tower lighting," said Petroff, "was cathode tubing, prone to breakage and quite costly to repair. Subsequently, the tower's lights were shut down for many years."

Tammen recommended an LED system that uses only 350-watts of power, is energy and cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The LED system, manufactured by Traxon Technologies Ltd., offers substantial, long-term energy and cost savings plus lower operational costs.

"The lighting for the city hall tower now has the ability to change colors as desired," said Tammen. "For example, they can glow red, white and blue for Independence Day, or red and green for the holiday season. "

The lighting of Whittier's city hall tower was coordinated with the newly remodeled Whittier Police Department.

The tower lighting project is just one of many energy-efficient, turn-key projects from RAY-LITE Industries, Inc.

RAY-LITE Industries and RAY-LITE Energy Management Group are the leading sources of cost and energy-saving lighting and electrical products for municipalities, schools, industrial and commercial companies. Their expert staff can analyze your company's energy use; recommend lighting upgrade solutions and recycling requirements.

Laguna Village
Coastal Southern California

Laguna Village, one of the most visited restaurants and spectacular ocean views along the Southern California coast has a unique selection of artistic items from handcrafted jewelry to exquisite perfumed candles.  The Ray-Lite originally designed glass ornamental globes are proud to be a part of this refreshingly quaint environment.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Chris Burdern, a renowned artist known in recent years for a new conception of monumental sculpture has chosen several of the original Ray-Lite designs and beautiful ornamental iron cast street lighting poles to create his work “Urban Light” incorporating over 200 nostalgic hand blown glass globes.

Ray-Lite Logo History

New Ray-Lite logo incorporating the sun representing a new direction for Ray-Lite with the focus on Energy Management.

One of the Original Ray-Lite logos used since the 1940's. A logo incorporating Energy Management in the nostalgic style was introduced in 2004.

Here is a photo of the old factory with the logo on the front.

Here is a photo with the first Ray-Lite logo in 1939.


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