Four Steps to Savings

The “Four Steps to Savings” is a proven method that Ray-Lite Energy Management has devised after successfully upgrading millions of square feet of commercial, industrial, municipal, retail, and college campus applications.


We analyze areas of need to effectively reduce energy and operating costs by up to 65 percent.  We’ll focus on lighting systems, HVAC control and monitoring, motion sensors, life cycle maintenance, financial aid, and administration of utility rebates that are designed to maximize your savings.


Our analysis will maximize your savings potential by identifying all of your needs.  Emphasis will be efficiency, productivity, light quality, and the management, coordination, and formulation of contractor alliances.


We verify and analyze each detailed investigation.  This step allows us to properly budget and implement the right program for you.  Verification will insure an efficient implementation.  We are the customer’s advocate.


We’ll implement the program that is right for your business, one that will produce the expected results.  Implementation will occur with safety, quality control, and zero disruption to the work place.